Jackz Owner posted Nov 14, 14
UPDATE: Someone has donated us enough money to run the server for a few more months! We are going to change the server to be more unique and fun. Vote on what we should do by clicking here.

I enjoyed running this server to it's death. It was fun while it lasted, all the games, the community and everything. I really loved managing the server. The testing server is still up and running all staff, we might keep it running or might terminate it or make it a special game server. If you still wish to donate click the link below. If we get enough money we MIGHT bring the server back. I will upload the world download soon. 

On a side note, the website will be running for one more month, the website will close on January. The website will say up until June 1st, due to I have it annually payment for it. I also might be upgrading the testing server to 2GB: its cheap atm. Some of the website's features/pages will be removed, this is due to me not going to pay for the features anymore. I am only going to pay $10/month for the testing server only. I would like to thank these people for helping it become an awesome server:
I also will put a list of my favorite/top plugins (shame, there is a lot) that helped it become so awesome.

Caeden117 = Being a great staff, having an annoying sister, and being very helpful. He knew what plugins were and how to code them, through I never let him make a custom plugin for the server, but he knew what to do and how to do it.

Peanut709, for being a funny guy and helping me have some fun running the server. He helped moderate the chat and players.

Zrail, Yes I know, zrail. He was very helpful, he knew how to deal with people and how to run a server. He did through be very immature and hacked the server once or twice. 

Dogdad123 = Being an annoying brother.

Snorman, ...

Robert... I don't remember what he did so well.

Snowfire; for being funny, immature and helping moderate

Solarain... just being annoying.. not thanking at all.

Everybody else, for being an awesome community and helping find the bugs and problems and making it an awesome place!

My favorite plugins:

Skript, for letting me make custom "skripts" and add unique features; like the magical clock.

Holographic Displays; making the server more unique and modern. Had an awesome thing

ChestCommands; Easily make custom chest inventories like the game selector (/games)

and other plugins...

Also thank you to for provoding our domain. Another thank you for mcprohosting for kindly hosting the server, and last of all for enjin hosting the website that no one visited!

Thanks everybody for playing on this server. We hit a mark of 600 or 700 unique players!
Sorry for the rick roll >;D
JackCrafter2012 It's too bad the server is shutting down. I had lot of fun while it lasted, sometimes playing many more hours every day ...

Minor Fixes and Improvments

Jackz Owner posted Nov 8, 14
You all know that the gameworld portal was broken right? It is now fixed!
Did going to gameworld become annoying because of the dispenser sounds and chat messages?
I have fixed all of this.
You get items instantly going to the hub or gameworld.

Note: If you enter the hub through a portal from plotworld or survival it will not give new items, this will be added/fixed shortly.

We also have changed the join and leave messages too! 
Deathslap joining system is now all command bases. Type /deathslapjoin or step on the pressure plates to get items and get slapping.

- Jackz

New Minigames + Lobby

Jackz Owner posted Sep 24, 14
EDIT: We currently have a trello page, and we have at least 15 minigame ideas! This is the second priority to start working on.

Hello, I want to talk to you about new minigames on Jackz Craft. I am a single and only developer on Jackz Craft, and so development time is slow. If you want new minigames, please help me get ideas by going to I cannot think of ideas and develop at the same time!

Now, If I want to start making new minigames, I can't until I finish releasing the new lobby. I need new "gadget" ideas for the new hub/lobby. I also want to find an unique or original lobby for Jackz Craft. If you are willing to build a decently-big sized lobby then please email

These gadgets I am making are like items that do cosmetic things (to get more money for the server.) I pay $30+/month to pay for this server, so donations are HIGHLY appreciated!
Below is a link to donate to me directly.

-- Jackz

1.8 Compatibility

Jackz Owner posted Aug 9, 14
If you have any suggestions, please go to and suggest them! We are looking for ideas to improve the server. All ideas are welcome!

You can continue playing on 1.7 or use 1.8.
We recommend using 1.7, for less lag!
(1.8 enchanting is currently just 1.7 enchanting!)


Caeden117 Co Owner Yay! It's always good to see new stuff adding to the server.

Lobby + GameWorld Griefed

Caeden117 Co Owner posted Jul 28, 14

Edit: All has been fixed! Gameworld and lobby rolledback to July 27th.

- Jackz

Hello everybody of the Jackz Craft community.

Recently the server has been griefed by a user named Meykr. The user had a Trusted rank and somehow managed to keep his OP perms. He used World Edit to destroy the Spawn (Lobby), and from what I've seen, TNT and the normal Water + Lava trick to grief the Gameworld.

The server will be in MANTINENCE MODE for a couple of minutes, hopefully not a hour. The staff is working hard to repair this grief, and will most likely have to backup to an date before this happened.

For a list of pictures that I took of this scene go to this URL:,Xe0WMlk,1vfaeNT,8MOAm04,jrd8srI

The user who caused all of the grief (Meykr) has been permanently banned from the Server.

See you guys on the server once it is back up.


Admin on Jackz Craft.


Caeden117 Co Owner The Server has been rolled-back to a time this morning. You guys can now join back.