Halloween Spookfest!

Caeden117 Admin posted Tue at 18:46


The Ghosts have taken over the Jackz Craft hub, and made a complete mess out of it!

Well, um, this is a weird time for them to take over, as it is Halloween, and there is ghosts and zombies everywhere in stores now a days....... oh.

Well, yea! The ghosts re-did the hub and added a ton of spider webs, there are 3 of them left in the hub as we speak, and there is Jack-o-Lanterns everywhere now. Screw them!

Oh, and apart from that, we have a new Minigame in the works. Won't tell you much, because it is a SEEEEEEEEEEECRET.

Well, that just about wraps up this post. Want to see some of the possible new minigame? Here's a little sneak peak:

So yea! See you in the next update, and hopefully no little tiny elves take over the hub and decorate it with Christmas stuff right after we are finished cleaning up the hub after Halloween.

See you later!

~Caeden117 | Administrator 

~ Edited by Jackz | Owner



New Minigames + Lobby

Jackz Owner posted Sep 24, 14
EDIT: We currently have a trello page, and we have at least 15 minigame ideas! This is the second priority to start working on.

Hello, I want to talk to you about new minigames on Jackz Craft. I am a single and only developer on Jackz Craft, and so development time is slow. If you want new minigames, please help me get ideas by going to I cannot think of ideas and develop at the same time!

Now, If I want to start making new minigames, I can't until I finish releasing the new lobby. I need new "gadget" ideas for the new hub/lobby. I also want to find an unique or original lobby for Jackz Craft. If you are willing to build a decently-big sized lobby then please email

These gadgets I am making are like items that do cosmetic things (to get more money for the server.) I pay $30+/month to pay for this server, so donations are HIGHLY appreciated!
Below is a link to donate to me directly.

-- Jackz

1.8 Compatibility

Jackz Owner posted Aug 9, 14
If you have any suggestions, please go to and suggest them! We are looking for ideas to improve the server. All ideas are welcome!

You can continue playing on 1.7 or use 1.8.
We recommend using 1.7, for less lag!
(1.8 enchanting is currently just 1.7 enchanting!)


Caeden117 Admin Yay! It's always good to see new stuff adding to the server.

Lobby + GameWorld Griefed

Caeden117 Admin posted Jul 28, 14

Edit: All has been fixed! Gameworld and lobby rolledback to July 27th.

- Jackz

Hello everybody of the Jackz Craft community.

Recently the server has been griefed by a user named Meykr. The user had a Trusted rank and somehow managed to keep his OP perms. He used World Edit to destroy the Spawn (Lobby), and from what I've seen, TNT and the normal Water + Lava trick to grief the Gameworld.

The server will be in MANTINENCE MODE for a couple of minutes, hopefully not a hour. The staff is working hard to repair this grief, and will most likely have to backup to an date before this happened.

For a list of pictures that I took of this scene go to this URL:,Xe0WMlk,1vfaeNT,8MOAm04,jrd8srI

The user who caused all of the grief (Meykr) has been permanently banned from the Server.

See you guys on the server once it is back up.


Admin on Jackz Craft.


Caeden117 Admin The Server has been rolled-back to a time this morning. You guys can now join back.

Website Remodel + New Rule

Jackz Owner posted Jul 17, 14
Hello, If you look around the website, you see stuff different. We used to have a custom navbar coded by me (jackz). Enjin has released a new menu bar, that adds sub-sub menus. I have switched to this menu bar. Sadly the sub-sub menus currently do not work, so the "More" tab is kinda spammed!

I have fixed a few small details in the store, and I have changed the quick list, and the guest join message.

Read below
I am adding a new website rule. You are no longer allowed to swear on the website. I am trying to make this server a server, for any age. 

Announcement of