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What is Jackz Craft?

Jackz Craft used to be at first a server with creative, survival, and minigames all in one. That server had sadly went away, and then Jackz Craft Network was to be introduced, but the idea never went through. We are now back but with seperate servers, we don't know what people want today so we are 'testing' out..

We have at the moment three servers (access from 'Servers' dropdown above) which are: survival, minigames, and missilewars. First off missile wars is seperate then minigames due to compatibility & hosting power. Currently none of the servers are dedicated but a serverPC is to be setup (some issues ☹). Minigames server will have multiple minigames, originally was to be a parkour server.

We recommend you join the forum! The forum will be updated with information, and communicate with other Jackz Craft members!

So how do I join?

Currently all the servers are under BETA and are usually down due to so. If you want to join please register on our forums and post read around on it. We will startup the servers as an 'on demand' basis.

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